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    Door-To-Door Airport Direct

    Need to get to or from Seatac Airport? Take advantage of our private door-to-door airporter service. More reliable than an Uber and more enjoyable and quicker than airport shuttles, join your neighbors who have discovered the ideal way to get to and from Seatac. Allow us to upgrade a portion of your next travel experience.

    Personal & Group Getaways

    Looking to explore the greater puget sound and would like to leave the driving to someone else? We are available to let you enjoy the sights and your people while we get you where you want to be safely. Contact us for our hourly, half-day and daily rates.

    Cruise Ship Ground Transport

    Did you book a cruise? Looking to get from your hotel to the ship? Or maybe you have a half-day or a day to enjoy between your cruise and heading home. Whatever your needs, we would love to make your stay in the area less stressful and more enjoyable. We’ll get you and your party around in style with the aid of a private chauffeur & local guide.

    Local Kitsap County Service

    We are always happy to server our local neighbors and their need for getting around the county. With reliability, courtesy and friendliness, we are here to serve. Call us and find out our latest trip fees and specials. If you have need for regular recurring travel, let’s see if we can find a solid solution for you.

  • Our Beginnings

    The Freedom Runners Story

    Stephen Oliveto

    The founder of Freedom Runners is a local Kitsap County Native, a father of three boys (18, 16 & 13 yrs of age), Stephen is is experienced in multiple professions…his first in computers & technology and secondly in residential real estate, including property management. He also spent a season successfully co-launching a local contracting company.

    The Path to the Starting Line

    Freedom Runners was birthed right in the middle of our family’s bout with Covid-19 in December of 2021. However, previously in July of 2021, Stephen’s younger brother joined a local transportation company. Seeing an open door to a new industry he followed his brother. It wasn’t long before he found himself thoroughly enjoying traversing the beautiful Puget Sound…all while helping our wheelchair bound military veteran’s get to their medical appointments in a first-class manner.


    However, it wasn’t long before a desire grew to serve all his neighbor’s transportation needs. And thus Freedom Runners was born in 2022.


    Today, He stands ready to transport you (and possibly your family or group) to your destination with safe, reliable & friendly service. This is truly a local business that you will want to refer to all your family, friends & co-workers!

  • About Us & Our Service

    Elevate Your Travels with our Best-in-class Driving Service

    There are two primary aspects to your experience as a rider with Freedom Runners. Your driver and the vehicle you step into.

    Your Driver, Stephen Oliveto

    A long-time local with a professional driver background

    Stephen is the primary driver, with his brother, and business partner, Silas ready to assist when helpful.

    Our Flagship Vehicle, a Spacious & Comfortable Honda Odyssey

    My flagship vehicle is a meticulously maintained and “super (hyper?)clean”, eight passenger Honda Odyssey. This vehicle pleases its passengers in many ways. This vehicle excels at providing passenger comfort, spaciousness for groups & luggage, a quiet interior and award winning safety ratings.

    Licensed, Insured & Highly Regarded

    Stephen will soon have his schedule filled with referrals because he has learned through others experience & his own that the best way to do business is to provide the absolute best service he can provide. You can be assured that we maintain the highest levels of integrity in all we do, including adhering to the many regulations put on businesses in these times. We maintain a commercial insurance policy for our vehicles and passengers.


    Freedom Runners is ready to serve your transportation needs. However, this business is very much in the building stage.


    If you would like occasional emails with business updates, simply submit your email and I'll stay in touch! -Stephen

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